A Quickie

I’m sick today. So that’s happening. But I’m pushing my way through the day, step by step. But I really just poked my head in here to give a shout out to my author friend A.J. Navarre, who is offering a short story entitled “Skin” for FREE (I like that word) on Amazon for the next three days.


Description: When a night watchman with a horrific past finds himself face-to-face with a selkie trapped in human form, he must decide whether helping her to recover her stolen seal skin is worth the wrath of his small seaside village.

So if you like dark fantasy, and selkies, and cannibals, grab it and give it a read. (And you can check out her debut novel, “Good As Dead” here. I’ve read it. I recommend it.)

And now I’m off to guzzle down some more NyQuil and watch Netflix. As one does.


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