Take a Walk

Yesterday, it topped 40 degrees. This is kind of a Big Deal, since it’s been frigid and icy and all around miserable this winter. So after being sick all last week, Freja and I bundled up and went for a walk down to the Susquehanna. I took my busted up Nikon Coolpix (complete with purple rubber band to prevent the batteries from tumbling out), and away we went.


Completely frozen over. I had to draw a line in the snow and tell Freja to keep behind it so she wouldn’t accidentally move to close to the river’s edge.


Random dead plants. Because I was feeling artsy.




Freja tends to skip and sway when she walks. As one does.


The bridge in the background is the Rockville Bridge. It’s supposedly the longest stone arch bridge in the world. It makes for lovely pictures, I will say that much.



And then some interpretive dance moves showed up, as they do.




And on our way home. It was time for soup and cookies anyway.


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