A Cover and Things

It’s Monday, and things are starting to feel a bit more like they’re getting back to normal. We had a weekend where we weren’t working on cars or painting the house or anything else that wasn’t going to church, taking the kids to the park, and sipping milkshakes. Which was lovely.

I’m still lacking on sleep however, since I have two kids who still nap, but are at that age that when they do nap, it means trying to get them to sleep at night before 11 p.m. is akin to wrestling a particularly ornery bear into a pair of pajamas. So it’s a fun game of finding the balance between dealing with children who, when they don’t nap, are monsters, but when they do nap, keep everyone up until midnight (or later).

I’m exhausted, is what I’m attempting to say in a rather roundabout way.

I’m also getting back into writing again, since I took a break from it while my dad was in the hospital and afterwards. (See what I did there? How I referred to… everything that happened as “and afterwards”? Yeah, that’s about where my head still is right now.) And it wasn’t a voluntary break by any means. It was more of a I-Can’t-Cope-With-Anything-That-Isn’t-What’s-Happening-Right-In-Front-Of-Me kind of thing. So I was able to take care of myself and take care of the kids and take care of the barest of bare minimum of chores around the house, and that was it.

Now I’ve hit a huge creative surge the last couple weeks, which seems to be what my brain does after some Major Traumatic Event. After my miscarriage last fall, I wrote about 20,000 words in a few days and managed to finish the first draft of a novel. Now I’m dallying with several stories at once and taking care of marketing The Half Killed and about 5,000 other things that work well to take my mind off the sadness that’s just there, lurking around the corner. Apparently this is how I deal. And I’m okay with that.

I’m working on edits for A Darkling Way, a new story I’ll be posting on Wattpad as each chapter is finished. Out of Darkness has started being updated again (the first book is finished, I simply… stopped posting the chapters. Because life.) The cover for A Darkling Way is gorgeous, and not done by me. Which is partly why it’s so good, since if I was left to do my covers, everything would be stick figures created in Microsoft Paint.


See? Gorgeous.

I’m looking at the week of July 26th for it’s debut on Wattpad. I don’t have a definite date set yet, but that’s as close as I can say when I have no idea what’s going to happen in this household from one day to the next. I mean, I’m still finishing up Freja’s schoolwork for the year, and it’s July. JULY. But a lot happened to us in the last nine months, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it. At least, not too much.


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