Don’t Talk To Me Before Coffee

While stripping all the beds in the house of their sheets this morning (It’s Clean Sheet Day! Huzzah!) my husband fiddled around on the computer and changed the wallpaper. Where there had been a lovely photo of all three of our children crammed into a cardboard box (as children do, much like cats) was now a picture of my husband at his shop, holding a six foot trophy over his head.

Me: *blinks* What am I looking at?

Husband: Yesterday, Justin (guy he works with) found these two karate trophies in the alley, so he brought them in and made one huge trophy out of them that’s taller than me. Look – *points at picture* – you can see two little guys fighting on top of it.

Me: Why…

And that was about all I could say. It was early, my arms were recently full of dirty toddler sheets, and I had yet to consume anything with caffeine in it.

But before:

Summer 2014 230-002

And after:

majorawardThis is what he thinks he can do to my laptop? Oh, it’s on, people.

It. Is. On.


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