It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Monday


First off, I need to stop abandoning my blog so much. I have so much mind dribble and it needs to go somewhere, so I’m not sure why I resist funneling it all into here.

So consider this a quick recap post of the last few months. And then some.

In various news items (and I’m not certain I mentioned it here, because children do things to your brain power) I am nearly four and half months pregnant (HALFWAY POINT WHOO-HOO! FIRST DOWN! SPORTS TERMINOLOGY! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! *eats nachos*) and will be finding out if it’s a boy or girl this time next week. At the beginning of the pregnancy I thought “boy”, but now I feel like my Mommy Radar is off, and it could be a llama in there, or something.

But we’re excited, of course. And a little scared, no matter that we’ve already done this three times before. I’ll have get a new car (unless one of the kids wants to ride in the trunk or in a pet carrier strapped to the roof), we’ll have to figure out some kind of bunk bed sleeping system to accommodate six people in our little two-bedroom condo, and also sleep. I already miss it.

Writing has been going well, oddly enough. First Position was published on November 21st (my birthday!) and has done well, so far. I’m also this close¬†to finishing about two or three other stories (novellas and full-length novels) that Spring should wind up being a busy time for me. Aside from the whole birthing of a new life thing. That should keep me fairly occupied, too.

And after two weeks of everyone in the family passing everyone’s sick around to one another, I’m finally jumping back into school work with the kids after giving them a full week off. Little do they know this means they’ll be working over Christmas break. Muahahahaha! Ha. *ahem*

Tomorrow, I’ll post some bits and excerpts of where I am in my writing, and try to get back into posting here more regularly. I also have some book reviews to catch up on as well. Jeez.

Come on Christmas break. I’m ready for you.