Snippet Sunday – January 1, 2017: A New Year Awaits!

It’s a new year! Out with the old and in with the new, as they say. But I’m here chugging along on a few older stories, hoping to see them all finished off in the months ahead.

Today is my first dive into Snippet Sunday brought to you by the Weekend Writing Warriors, and I bring you the first few lines of my work-in-progress A Hollow Lady (working title, most definitely).

By next week, I hope to have a working blurb for this story (which probably won’t see the light of publishing day until later this year or even early next year… alas.)

Little preamble marked the coach’s departure. A loud oath from the old driver’s mouth, the brief, sharp rattle of harness, and then nothing but the wet slap of horses’ hooves and slipping wheels on the damp ground before the vehicle disappeared around a bend in the road.

Charlotte stood still, the mud sucking at her boots as she gazed into the distance. Two miles, the driver had said. Two more miles to Ellesferth Castle. She glanced over her shoulder at the darkening horizon. Two miles, without light, on an unfamiliar highway that threatened to pull her into the mire with every step. She took a deep breath, the chill in the air making her nose run and her eyes water. If she moved, she knew, she would at least keep some of the cold at bay.

8 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – January 1, 2017: A New Year Awaits!

  1. Welcome to Snippet Sunday! I hope you’ll join along too. 🙂
    Great descriptions to that first paragraph especially! It painted such a vivid, despairing picture. She’s certainly going to be in for quite a night and I hope no trouble greets her. Nicely done.


    1. Thank you! I wanted to get to everyone’s snippets yesterday, but the holiday proved too much. Back to a humdrum Monday today and I should be able to tackle everything again!

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  2. Great description! I don’t know what’s led her there, but I do know that I don’t think much of the driver just dumping her in the middle of nowhere instead of taking her the last two miles.


    1. Thank you for reading! (And he dropped her off at a crossroads. A lot of drivers and coaches wouldn’t go to a specific house, but you had to meet and depart from one central location. Very unfortunate for late night travelers or when there was bad weather.)


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