I’m a Writer: A Guest Post from Sheri Williams

I’m a writer. Just saying that gives me a little tingle. It’s a good tingle though. female_angel_praca_dos_restauradores_2

As a writer, I sometimes hear and see memes/posts/pinterest pins all about how a writer is a tortured soul and a writer must write to set free the demons inside them..there’s a few other variations but you get my drift right? I am not one of those writers. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but it’s not me. And as someone who uses words for a living (barely a living, but hey that’s not the point) I tend to go searching for ways to use those words to describe my version of “writer.” This is what I found, and hey, if you relate to some of these, you might be a writer too!

If you dream so vividly that you wake up gasping and NEEDING  to write it down, you might be a writer.

If your brain likes to go off with the fairies (day dreaming) and imagine that the pretty green dragonfly you saw by the creek is on a mission for the goblin king, you might be a writer.

If you have this insatiable need to know why people used to bury their dead and then put iron cages over their graves, you might be a writer.

If your google history would make the FBI director squirm, you might be a writer.

If you keep writing despite several setbacks, you might be a writer.

If it really isn’t about the money (though a few sales might be nice), you might be a writer.

If your house is littered with pieces of paper with half a thought on them, you might be a writer. (this also goes for the notebook app on your phone)

If you collect notebooks, pens, fancy pencils, but don’t use the cause you’re waiting for the right story idea, you might be a writer.

So what do you think? Might you be a writer too?

Bio –

Sheri Williams is a writer who can’t pick a genre. A writer who worries there isn’t enough time in three lifetimes to write all her ideas. A writer who procrastinates to the point of danger. A writer who has decided giving up is not an option. She is also a wife, a mom and a nerd.

You can find links to her books on her website http://www.thesheriwilliams.com/  as well as news about upcoming work.

You can also follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/AuthorSheri


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