An Unpracticed Heart Cover Reveal

I haven’t nattered much about An Unpracticed Heart lately, mostly because there wasn’t much too natter about, unless you want to hear the trials and travails of editing and formatting and – Yes, yes. I’ll stop now. I know, it’s all so exciting you can hardly control yourself.

But with less than three weeks until it’s release on October 22nd(!) I now have the official, final cover to reveal to you all!

Yes, yes. Again, simmer down. Too  many thrilling things for this quiet little blog on a Tuesday morning.

And so here, by way of my amazingly talented cover artist (who has done all of my covers), I bring you the cover to An Unpracticed Heart.



Charlotte Claridge lives a life dictated by her stepmother’s whims. Sent to live with one family member and then another, she finally arrives in Scotland, on the doorstep of a crumbling estate abandoned by its owner. With her aunt, she spends her days mending curtains and peeling potatoes, a quiet existence that changes with the appearance of a carriage bearing a coat of arms.

From out of the carriage falls Hartley Cowden, Baron Aldburgh. Drunk, unconscious, and bleeding, Charlotte and her aunt carry him into his ancestral home. As he recovers in Charlotte’s care, Hartley confesses to a crime that nearly sent him spiralling towards his grave. But can she entrust him with her own secrets while coaxing him back from the dead?


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